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Purpose, objectives and history of the association

The Artemis program was initiated in 1997 by a team of psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists, all members of the “J.L. Moreno” Psychodrama Society, in order to offer services for girls and women who have experienced sexual abuse or domestic violence.
In November 2001 it gained its own juridical status as the Association of Women against Violence - ARTEMIS.
The goal of the association is to promote the rights of women and children, the affirmation of these rights, equal opportunities for women in the work place, in politics and in the society in general.

Main objectives:
- to establish services for the abused girls and women as well as for their trusted persons
- to provide legal information and support for abused persons and their family members
- to organize therapeutic, support and self-help groups for women - survivors of violence
- to offer professional, specific, training to psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, as well as students and other specialists dealing with abused persons (doctors, educators, police workers and lawyers)
- to support educational and prevention activities in schools and  medical institutions
- to contribute to the research in the field of violence against women

The networking and the collaboration with other organizations with activities in the field of women’s rights are an important part of our work. Artemis is a founding member of the National Coalition of NGOs with programmes against gender based violence and trafficking in women. We collaborated with Wildwasser – Berlin and with Women Against Violence Europe / WAVE network, for the latest we functioned as a focal point for Romania for a couple of years. At the local level we are a founding member of the Coalition for a Healthy Community.

Some of our projects, activities, and results

The main activities of our projects were: psychological and legal counselling, providing information, social, medical and financial assistance, training for specialists, organizing meetings for specialists, awareness raising regarding the topic of violence and abuse through direct work with groups in the community and through mass-media, producing materials for information and sustaining a shelter for women who have experienced domestic violence.

To date, 1350 women with experience of domestic violence and/or sexual assault, and 185 children who suffered sexual abuse or violence, have benefited from psychological counselling and/or evaluation. In addition 320 women benefited from legal counselling and information. Most of these women were victimized by domestic violence.
We organized self-help groups, therapeutic and support groups of 30, 60, 90 hours for women who experienced physical or sexual abuse. Educational groups were organized for adolescents, of 12-20 hours each, with the topics of abuse, sexuality, relationships and assertiveness.

For two years and a half (between 1999, September and 2002, March) we run a shelter for girls aged 14 - 20, who suffered sexual abuse in the family or have been victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation. We assisted 23 girls, who lived in the shelter for a period of 3-6 months, from Cluj and from other cities in the country.
In March 2002 was opened a shelter for women and their children, who suffered domestic violence. We have places for 5 families (women and their children) and until now we have assisted 34 families (34 women and 53 children aged from birth to 18 years). There is also a waiting list, which has permanently several requests (3 families, at present).

Artemis organized conferences and seminaries in the field of domestic violence and/or sexual abuse:

In May, 2000 we organized a national and regional conference, entitled "Sexual abuse and violence“, with the participation of professionals from other NGOs in the country, from the Criminal Prevention Department of the Police, representatives from other NGOs from East and Central Europe (Moldavia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary) and experts from Germany and Austria. In 2001 we also organized in collaboration with the Police Department of Cluj county a seminar, entitled: “Improving intervention methods in cases of domestic violence”, in which 120 specialists participated: magistrates, advocates, judges, police officers and representatives of NGO-s. At this seminar proposals were discussed and agreed upon for modifications of the laws and procedural measures.

In September, 2002 we have organized a national conference “Intervention in situations of domestic violence - the work in shelters and with the abusers” with the participation of professionals from the whole country.
In October, 2002 took place the second regional seminar - “Sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation of children”, organized by our association. Professionals from NGOs from East and Central Europe (Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Latvia, Hungary, Germany) have participated to this event.   
In June, 2003 we held the third regional seminar on the prevention and intervention in sexual abuse cases, which gathered 65 specialists who are directly confronted in their practice with cases of sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

We initiated studies and analysis on the topic of sexual abuse against children (the research was conducted in the high schools of Cluj-Napoca), of domestic violence (by monitoring the cases registered by the police and those requests for examination of the forensic medicine institute), and of discrimination against women in employment offers (analysis of job offers).
We also organized training seminars for specialists, volunteers and students interested in the topic of violence and abuse.


More than 200 specialists benefited from training in domestic violence.
We organized round tables for sharing experiences and for the implementation of principles and modalities of action against physical and sexual violence in other parts of the country. We also participated in many working meetings in the country and in other countries (Ukraine, Montenegro, Austria, Germany, USA, Finland, Belgium etc.)
For students and volunteers interested in the topic of violence we organized specific training seminars, in collaboration with universities and student organizations from Cluj-Napoca.

We organized programs for education and sensitization of the population, through a large media campaign using mass-media (local radio and television stations, announcements in the local newspapers), brochures, leaflets and posters, which were distributed in schools, medical offices and hospitals. We organized anti-violence campaigns on several occasions (16 days of activism against violence against women, V-Days) in Cluj-Napoca and Baia Mare. We have organized prevention activities in the primary schools and high-schools, our aim being to teach the students about their rights, an appropriate attitude about violence and what can they do.

We produced brochures, leaflets and informational bulletins for specialists, a journal entitled “Disclosure” and a working guide for intervention in domestic violence cases.


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